Riverstone Wellness Collaborative | Shery Clark
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Shery Clark


Shery Clark

Shery is a Nationally Certified Counselor, and is licensed to practice as a mental health counselor. She is also a licensed clinical addictions specialist and has been a healthcare professional since 1985. Her background includes both private practice experience and work in a large hospitals and trauma centers.



Shery enjoys working with children and adults diagnosed with chronic illness, birth defects, mental health issues and as well as addictions. Her therapeutic interests are holistically oriented and include crisis and trauma counseling and brief solution focused therapy. Shery believes that partnering with her clients helps them to re-establish their identity. This helps them to move toward a rewarding future with strength gained from past experiences.



In her private life she enjoys organic gardening, spending time with her dogs (one is a certified therapy dog) and her cats. Shery also was recruited and volunteers for the American Red Cross during national disasters.


For more information:


www.carolinacts.com / 919-522-9314 / sclark@carolinacts.com