Riverstone Wellness Collaborative | Greg Kearns
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Greg Kearns

Greg Kearns

Greg earned a BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his Yoga work, Greg has a 200Hr Certification YTT from YogaFit, as well as an additional 140Hr Warrior Certification from YogaFit.



Currently Greg is aspiring to achieve his 500Hr Certification from YogaFit.



In his professional life Greg has worked 12 years in a laboratory setting, the last 8 years as an organic chemist.



Greg started his yoga journey over 8 years ago in a quest to help others. He acquired his 200hr certification though YogaFit, based out of CA. While achieving his 200hr certification, he also started a separate certification, known as the Warrior Program. The Warrior program trains instructors on conducting classes with participants dealing with different forms of PTSD.



Greg strives to aid people through yoga to reconnect with their bodies, breath and mind. Games and simple poses allow children to be active while inadvertently allowing them to reconnect. Adults generally do well with simple flowing poses (known as Asanas) that allow them to reach their goals.



Through the years of teaching yoga and my training, Greg is able to adapt classes to an individual’s needs. This aids with people experiencing their first yoga class or those who have been practicing yoga for many years. It is important to learn how our bodies react to environmental stresses and how yoga training can be a useful tool to help maintain a mindful presence. By conditioning our bodies via yoga we learn that some circumstances seem to be insurmountable, yet through determination and an ongoing practice we are able to make progress mentally and physically to achieve our goals. Greg strives to be a happy person who enjoys the present moment. Greg feels that Yoga helps him maintain a positive energy and being mindful so that this becomes a daily reality.



Greg brings a unique experience to the room by combining his love of science, humor and his love of yoga.



Availability:  Friday Evenings and Weekends

Rates: $60 per one hour session



For more information:


919-307-2777 / admin@riverstonewellnesscollaborative.com